Smart Business, Better Business.

Real-Time control of your Business from Anywhere

  • Integrated Business Operations!
  • Real time Sales/Collection management!
  • Sales/Collections Locations Tracking!
  • Smart Inventory Management, Movement!
  • Transparent Employee Management!
  • Automatic accounting of firms!
  • To the Minute Reporting & Proven Systems!
  • Route wise, tag wise free flow grouping.
  • Access anytime, anywhere & Much More…


Real Time and Control

Difficult to manage your business?  with real time status reporting you don’t need to ask for reports it’s always real time with alerts.

Inventory Management

Mantoo provides inventory updates while tracking sales and purchases, get real time updates on stock levels and  manage inventory.

Risk Mitigation

Real time reports of all transactions, payments and collections will help to develop strategies that closely relate to and matches your business goals.

Customer Management

Mantoo encourages three times more customer management with stronger management control and visibility.


Gain visibility and control across your cloud with security.


Productivity Gain

Help your employees work more efficiently. Much easier and streamlined job improves job satisfaction and higher output and pay per employees.

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